Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Top Six Best Guesses

After analyzing the list against our priorities, language requirements, and departure times, we have our top six best guesses, in alphabetical order: Chennai, India; Havana, Cuba; Kolkata, India; Lome, Togo; Manila, Philippines; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

So our original guess of India, Mexico or South America was kind of close.

The real winner was Alan's very concise and clear bid list letter that explained our priorities.


Grma said...

I am officially signed in. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your busy and mentally exhausting days and nights of information and decisions. I will look forward to hearing about the exciting days ahead.
The best part of course are the pix of our Grandaughter!

amh2go said...

I am heading to A-100 and just discovered your blog. What a great find! Thanks!

Natalie Buda said...

Thanks amh2go! Congratulations!