Friday, July 2, 2010

A Different State of Mind

As others write about when they have less than a handful of weeks to go, there is so much to blog about near the end of a tour but no time. I hope to catch up afterwards. Our days are full of goodbyes and errands. The stuff I had two whole years to get done but for some reason waited until 10 days before we leave. On one of my trips around the city, waiting for a typical 5 minute light to change, I saw this view out the car window. It is not as fascinating online as in person, but it describes my state of mind right now, seeing beauty in the craziness of Kolkata. The layers of painted advertisements both commercial and political created a wonderful abstract image that could be a Jackson Pollock painting.

When we first arrived, I may have seen this as visual noise, now when I am out in the city I want to take pictures of every minute detail. How sentimental am I?