Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Tybee Island, Georgia

We interrupt this home leave to write a post about Tybee Island, Georgia. A five hour drive from Atlanta, we took a short trip to get out of my parents hair for a few days, as staying at someone else's home for an extended period can warrant a little break. We had a great time.

Even though it was the height of summer vacation, it wasn't that crowded and still had the charm of a place that has the conveniences but is not over-developed.

The beach was great for toddlers, with surf that was tame enough for them to stand alone, a sloping beach so that Sicily could walk into the surf and lots of sand!

But the highlight was seeing the dolphins. We took a tour by Captain Mike and got lucking with lots of dolphin activity. The boat was smaller than other similar tours and was able to make some large wake, so we got to see the dolphins jumping and playing in the wake.

The next best highlight was the seafood. Great shrimp, crab, crawfish, fish and more at places like The Crab Shack. A definite good time!