Saturday, January 26, 2008

The March A-100 Class is a Reality

We have an interesting weekend ahead. Alan emailed with HR today to get a better understanding of the assigned salary stated in the offer to join the March class. Looks like it is a combination of level of education, years experience and matching current pay. Prior to today, we thought it was only matching current pay up to a set level.

Argh! I just did the calculation. With my loss of salary and a lower salary for Alan, we will be taking a 70% salary cut. Ouch! Well, this is the career that Alan has always dreamed of, and I know many other Foreign Service Officers make the same choice.

After a celebratory dinner tonight (and then we start saving every penny), we will start to sketch out what may need to be done over the next few months.

My biggest anxiety is not knowing when and where we are going. Once I know those two things, I will be a lot more excited about this opportunity. Otherwise I am very happy, for my husband, for our nine month old daughter who will be exposed to so many new ideas and cultures, and for me - I get a chance to spend more time with my daughter and husband as a stay-at-home mom. Those are words I never thought I would get to say as a soon-to-be former work-aholic.


Anonymous said...

70% reduction in salary - that's exactly the figure we're looking at, assuming my salary determination comes out where I expect it to.

Natalie Buda Smith said...

Yes, very tough to swallow. So far it has been OK adjusting at our hardship post. It is definitely a full lifestyle change!