Monday, January 28, 2008

Tomorrow is the Big Day

Alan is set to give his acceptance to join the March class tomorrow. He sent in additional information on his more extensive experience late Friday. So, if the answer comes back tomorrow -- as to if he will receive a higher salary or not -- he will say "yes" to March.

We are happy that a decision has been made. We could wait it out until the May class, whereas Alan would be able to go to Paris in May for our planned family trip (Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Molly, Uncle Brian, Sicily and I). But everyone, including friends, family and myself, thought he should jump on this opportunity. I am relieved to know he will start A-100 in March. Everything else is up in the air. It feels great to be happy about our new life and to start to make some plans.

We spent the day with two DiploLife related activities. Earlier this morning we looked at some public bid lists for previous A-100 attendees. They stopped publishing lists for public consumption a few classes ago. Looking at the older lists, it seems highly likely that we will go to India, Mexico, or somewhere in South America. From the countries listed, I would be very happy with Hong Kong, Panama, Paris and Argentina.

We also spent some time today storing items in the following categories: baby items for consignment, Sicily items for 18 months and older, and possible baby number two items. We had planned on clearing out some crowded space in our house prior to the offer, but in a way it felt as though we had started the packing.


Global Spouse said...

Where can I get an example of an old bid list. We are headed to A100 March "10.

Natalie Buda Smith said...

They do not allow anyone to share the lists anymore. You will soon be getting yours, usually on the second day of training.