Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Beaches of Chennai

One quality that all six posts have in common is access to beaches, except possibly Kolkata which I will have to research more. Living in D.C. it takes a lot of mental energy and time to go to the beach, most popular ones (New Jersey and Virgina Beach) being about four or more hours drive (without traffic) away.

Today I thought I would look into the beaches of Chennai. Less than two miles away from the city center is Marina Beach, who's claim to fame is the second longest in the world. It looks like it gets very crowded on the weekend and on festivals. Also from pictures, it looks like women don't wear bathing suits.

May be a good place for Sicily to play in the sand and possibly stick her toe in the water. Not sure that Coco will be accepted there except for very early in the morning.

Update: Although it seems like a tangent to research the beaches of each post, it was actually a fun way to understand the geography, challenges with transportation, security and accepted dress for each location.

Another Update: After talking with people in Chennai, Marina beach is more of a scenic view than a place to go to the beach. There are popular beaches an hour or so away that many from the consulate visit for sand and surf.

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