Monday, June 16, 2008

Saying Good Bye to Friends and Family

We started our rounds of goodbyes this past weekend at my family's farm. We were lucky to get most of my family to meet us there. The grandparents will come to D.C. within the next few weeks. It helps to have a one year-old, people are willing to come to you. Otherwise, it would be extremely draining and time consuming to visit everyone you would like to visit.

It also takes a lot of time and focus to say goodbye to friends. We have dinner invitations and accepted a few, but since we mostly need time after work to prepare for pack out and run errands. To help with this, we are holding two nights open at the lounge in the hotel we are staying at for people to stop by and say goodbye. The two nights are a weekend day and weekday. This way the house can be in a pre-pack out organizational state (piles of stuff everywhere) and no clean up!

An unexpected goodbye is to our favorite restaurants and foods. Seems like we are all adding on a few pounds during our food farewell tour with the rationale that we may not be able to eat certain foods in Kolkata.

Update: The two days went well, but it was hard to give each person the attention that we wanted to. Sicily had a ball being the center of attention!

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