Sunday, July 12, 2009

One Year in Kolkata

Today is our one year anniversary in Kolkata.

Two images come to mind today, a photo I took of our daughter in transit from D.C. to Kolkata. She has this look that says, "where are we going, and why are you taking me?"

The other photo is of course of our daughter. A Sunday morning walk through the flower market near Howrah bridge, with Sicily in a backpack and a lotus flower given to her by a vendor tucked in behind her.

To me it symbolizes the friendly people in Kolkata, that you can find amazing experiences here, and that it has been a great first post for us. We look forward to the next year - and are already feeling that exciting but excruciating anticipation for the bid list's arrival in the next few months.


Unknown said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I have to say that it makes me want to move to India. My husband is taking the written test this October and as soon as he decided to try to become a diplomat I have been reading blogs. Lots of them. Yours is one of the only ones that remained positive even when I think stress levels must have been very high. I read plenty of complaints about India and FS life from others. When I felt stressed out about my husband's decision (we have 4 kids, last one is only 2 months old) reading about the whole process in a positive light was more helpful than you will ever know. Thank you!

Natalie Buda Smith said...

Thanks Dora, I am happy that our blog is a source of good information.

Please keep me updated on your progress to join. It took what seemed like forever to get our offer letter, but once it happened everything went by very quickly. You are so smart to get started now!

Unknown said...

Thanks Natalie, I will let you know what happens. I know it is a long process, and he may not be get an offer (or make it through all the testing). It has just been nice to be able to look into what is FSO life like and give him my full support knowing what we are getting into if he gets in. I would like to share with you what happened when we told our kids what Dad wants to do and get their opinion. At first they did not like the idea at all and they did not want him to even try to get in. But after showing them your blog, the two older ones both found something they really liked. My 7 year old said, he would not mind trying water buffalo milk and my 10 year old was very interested in the old British cemetery you visited. They both admitted that life in a different country would not be very easy, but it would be rewarding in different ways. We are looking forward to reading more about your life in India and where you are going next!

Grandma said...

I clearly remember and cherish my frequent visits to DC during Sicily's first year.
Your first year in Kolkata has passed quickly for us, also. Your impressions, descriptions and photos of your experinces in India are the second reason why we plan to visit during your second year on assignment. #1 reason, we miss all of you! Hope to see you before the end of the year.

Natalie Buda Smith said...


Reading your comment made my day! And your children have excellent taste!

- Natalie