Friday, August 28, 2009

Bagels for the Bid List

With so much energy spent the bid list, researching, talking, refining, reordering, I took on a project to distract myself for a few hours: making bagels.

We have yet to find a bagel in Kolkata. There are good bakeries - great chocolate cakes - but the closest bagel has been a package of frozen Lender's from the New Delhi commissary that cost about $8, after factoring in the shipping charges. So the challenge was to make bagels from scratch.

After reading a recipe from King Arthur Flour with the name "A Dozen Simple Bagels" and reading the bagel section in The Bread Baker's Apprentice,I got the courage to try.

The starter

The lumpy bagels after forming them by punching a hole in the middle of a dough ball with your finger and twirling it around.

The smoother ones using a circle cutter

The hot bagel bath

The baked lumpy bagels

The baked smoother ones

Now, back to the bid list. There have been several positions added, deleted and modified. Keeps you on your toes.


Blair said...

The have them at Afraa at City Centre in Salt Lake. You can also get Philly cream chesse there. The bagles are pretty cheap too!

Natalie Buda Smith said...

Awesome! Thanks for letting me know. I will have to make a trip there soon.

TulipGirl said...

But. . . did they taste good?

Natalie Buda Smith said...

Toasted with butter, delicious!