Friday, September 11, 2009

Waiting and Waiting

On Tuesday morning we submitted our bid list to our CDO. It was due opening of business Tuesday EST. Now we sit back and wait, well not exactly sit back. Our waiting includes checking email every 5 minutes. There is a collective guess that we will find out sometime today. It is going to be hard to sleep tonight since close of business EST is 2:30 AM in Kolkata!


Amy Daniels said...

Hellloooo friends! Greetings from Merida. I happened upon your excellent blog in an odd way and was so happy to see how life is going for you three in Kolkata. Sicily is such a big girl and all of us are now thinking about the second tour. How time flies!

Here's wishing you guys all the best as you await the big news!

Take care,
Amy & Paul

Natalie Buda Smith said...


Great to read from you two!

Yes, we are on the edge of our seats right now. You may be able to hear us yell all the way in Merida when we find out.

Have fun and best to you in your bidding!

- Natalie, Alan and Sicily