Friday, December 25, 2009

Tracking Santa's Visit to Kolkata

Sicily fully grasped the concept of Santa this year, so we used NORAD's Santa Tracker to watch his progress until she went to bed. What a great tool to teach geography, although I am pretty sure she wasn't paying attention to my one minute lecture on how we live on a spherical planet called Earth. We were happy to see that he took a picture of his time in Kolkata.

Since we were in the U.S. for Thanksgiving, Sicily visited an American Santa while we were there. We stood in line, she had 15 seconds with him and then blanked out when he asked her what she wanted.

This is a sharp contrast to our visit with an Indian Santa a week ago. Santa was escorted by four body guards through a rowdy crowd of kids to take his place on stage. The crowd of kids then all rushed the stage to meet Santa. Santa gleefully shook hands, talked and danced on stage with the kids before he was escorted out.

Here is a picture of Santa I was able to take after the crowd moved on to a doughnut eating game. Looks like the Indian Santa had a much better time.

The multiple, different Santas confused Sicily a bit but she seems to grasp that Santa can have multiple incarnations in order to spread joy across the world. Much like the many different forms of Durga we experienced during Durga Puja.

Here is a picture of kids during the doughnut eating game. I need to find out where they got those great looking doughnuts!


Iftekhar Ahsan said...

Cute ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Christmas Kolkata 2009:

Christmas Eve - queuing at New Market for the Chritmas Cake from the Jewish bakery. Christmas Eve festivities at The Fairlawn Christmas Day lunch at Flurrys, Christmas afternoon spent watching the polo at the race club - afternoon stroll back across The Maidan to walk off the food. Possibly one of the best Christmas' I ever had!

Natalie Buda Smith said...

Well said, Anonymous. Kolkata is a rare experience indeed!