Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Revisiting Singapore Chili Crab

While clearing out items to get ready for pack out, I found a pack of Singapore Chili Crab mix that I picked up at the airport in Singapore as an impulse buy. With an expiration date of June 2010, it was time to use it or loose it. Luckily large crabs are available in Kolkata, namely at the Gariahat Fish Market, where I picked up four large crabs for the dish. It was basically a rip open and dump mix but it was very good and reminiscent of our chili crab experience in Singapore. The hardest part was cleaning the fresh crabs, which got several rounds of laughter out of Krishna, as I squeamishly took on the task. The results of the dish in the photo above.

Which brings me back to Singapore. We visited last year in May, and although a hot time of year there it felt like a complete vacation from Kolkata. I like to call it an Asian version of Las Vegas (especially now since they have opened a couple of casinos), since the main activities are shopping, eating and relaxing.

We spent most of our time in the Chinatown and Indiatown (Mustafa's is a must) areas of the city, with a visit to the night zoo.

But the main highlight was the food in the street-food courts and markets. There are several large street-food courts around town where you can have several types of cuisines in the same meal. Our delicious chili crab is below with hand for size reference and to stop anyone from getting that big claw before me!


the imperfect one said...

Hi - I am considering pursuing the FSO position. I have a wife & a 9 month old. I was wondering if we could correspond a bit. I know I have questions for your husband & my wife questions for you. Interested?

Natalie Buda Smith said...

Sure thing. Will post my email address in the next comment, to be deleted later.

Natalie Buda Smith said...
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the imperfect one said...

awesome, thanks we will be in touch.