Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Tybee Island, Georgia

We interrupt this home leave to write a post about Tybee Island, Georgia. A five hour drive from Atlanta, we took a short trip to get out of my parents hair for a few days, as staying at someone else's home for an extended period can warrant a little break. We had a great time.

Even though it was the height of summer vacation, it wasn't that crowded and still had the charm of a place that has the conveniences but is not over-developed.

The beach was great for toddlers, with surf that was tame enough for them to stand alone, a sloping beach so that Sicily could walk into the surf and lots of sand!

But the highlight was seeing the dolphins. We took a tour by Captain Mike and got lucking with lots of dolphin activity. The boat was smaller than other similar tours and was able to make some large wake, so we got to see the dolphins jumping and playing in the wake.

The next best highlight was the seafood. Great shrimp, crab, crawfish, fish and more at places like The Crab Shack. A definite good time!


Daniela Swider said...

Hey, Natalie! Glad you are back! Missed you and your posts. Hope your trip home was safe and hope to read more posts soon.

Unknown said...

You guys know how to take a break! Happy to have you "back" for a while. It looks like that alligator got a hold of Kiki!

Brooke said...

I've loved reading all about your adventures from start to end. Could you please tell us more about traveling with your dog Coco? I know you got her there fine and all, but what about once she is there with you. Are there Vet's there, boarding for when you travel, and what is the overall life like for a dog? Thanks for all your great advice. It's like we are there right along with you.

Bfiles said...

hi Natalie, I'm joining the Jan A100 and came over to read about inventories as I remember a long-ago post of yours on the topic...

Hope you haven't stopped blogging? I was reading through some other posts and they are so informative and helpful. Not to mention, I'd love to hear about Czech training and Prague!
all the best.

Natalie Buda Smith said...

Thanks everyone for your encouragement!

I haven't stopped blogging, even though it appears that way! I was fortunate to land some work during our temporary stay in D.C., so it has been hard to catch up.

I have posts lined up and hope to start again soon.

Bfiles: congratulations! Good luck with your preparations.

Brooke: I will post about our experience with Coco including the transition from India to D.C. and then from D.C. to Prague, so keep an eye out. In the meantime:

In general, Coco brought a lot of comfort and stability to our first post and now Oakwood. It is well worth the trouble and extra expenses from our perspective.

Of course I am projecting when thinking about her perspective, but as a loyal Labrador you can definitely see that she is happiest when she is with us and has taken the moves very well.

More to come!

Colleen said...

Considering how often we global nomads tend to travel, I had to wonder which "Georgia" you were referring to. Nice pics of Sicily and the dolphins. It's hard to know who was having more fun! How is the (temporary) repatriation experience? I hope all is going smoothly. Congrats on your new job. It's something I sometimes miss since we're still abroad.

Keep in touch!