Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ice Skating for the First Time

Dear Sicily,
If you are reading this blog post in the future, I hope you forgive me for posting this embarrassing photo of you falling on the ice. I just really like they way it came out. You had a really great time though and couldn't wait to go again.
Love, Mom

Thanks to Kids in Prague, a great local blog run by expats with kids, Sicily and I settled on an ice skating rink for her to try ice skating for the first time. I am a Florida native, that has been on the ice maybe four memorable times, so I was very anxious trying to figure out how I was going to skate, let alone teach her how to skate. Thanks to Peppa Pig, Sicily was headstrong about going skating and pretty confident that she knew how, since Peppa Pig said it was simply "step, step, slide."

We went to a rink right off of Na Frantisku, on Kozi, which rents shoes and an amazing device called a hrazda. It is just a metal bar with two bar feet, and it works really well. Thank you inventor of the hrazda.

Sicily feeling confident while we walk on the rubber matting to the rink.

Above Sicily using the hrazda, while I am clenched to the side wall trying to convince her that it is more like "step, slide, step, slide." For the two of us, skating, skate rental and bar rental was about $8 USD. The rink was very empty on a week day, albeit when all of the schools are out for winter break.

The facility also has a playground, which we used as a break from the skating (I was the one who really needed the break).

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Natalie said...

Darling. I loved your comment about who really needed the break! :)