Monday, December 19, 2011

What Happens When You Try to Use a 220v Appliance in a Different Country

First adapter to extend outside of circular hole, second adapter to bypass the huge grounding prong that Indian appliances have. It works though!


Noble Glomads said...

I am surprized more of us don't die in electrical fires. Really.

eve said...

agreed! I kept having very morbid visions of being electrocuted while my guy was on TDY, discovered days later by our housekeeper. I always wear rubber soled shoes. Not sure if it makes a difference.
anyway- so glad you're back to blogging. you were missed!

Nomadic said...

I've seen some electricians in foreign countries cut the plugs off cords and stick the raw wires into outlets before. They were using power tools and just needed to find a temporary power source, but still.. As long as you're not trying to use a grounded adapter with a non grounded appliance you can make it work. I've seen a 2 prong 220v applicance melt a grounded adapter in 24 hours before. Thankfully it was caught before a fire broke out.