Monday, March 31, 2008

Flag Day Dinner

With family in town and a big cause for celebration, we thought we would go to a restaurant with the cuisine of our assigned country. Here are the possibilities:

Angolan - After a call to the Angolan embassy, the receptionist recommended the Portuguese restaurant Tavira as the closest in the area. She said traditional Angolan food is not available.
Brazilian - Fogo de Chao
Cuban - Cubanos
Ecuadorian - May be one in Baltimore, although I couldn't find information on it. For this country I am going to match it with Cafe Atlantico, since they serve Ecuadorian scallops there.
Indian - Jyoti or Tandoori Nights
Mexican - Lauriol Plaza
Filipino - Little Quiapo Restaurant
Polish - Restaurant Kolmbia, a modern Polish-influenced restaurant
South African - Will have to settle for a South African wine at Proof.
Togolese - Ghana Cafe for Ngoma which is a Togolese dish.


julie said...

Ecuadorian restaurant:
La Cazuela
1718 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD

I've eaten there quite a few times, its pretty good.

Natalie Buda Smith said...

Awesome! Thanks!