Friday, June 19, 2009

Specific Benefits for Same-Sex Domestic Partners of Foreign Service Employees Serving Overseas

A statement from Hillary Clinton yesterday revealed the specific benefits:

"The Department of State intends to provide the following additional benefits and allowances for declared same-sex domestic partners of eligible employees serving overseas:

* Diplomatic passports,
* Inclusion on employee travel orders to and from posts abroad,
* Shipment of household effects,
* Inclusion in family size calculations for the purpose of making housing allocations,
* Family member preference for employment at posts abroad,
* Use of medical facilities at posts abroad,
* Medical evacuation from posts abroad,
* Emergency travel for partners to visit gravely ill or injured employees and relatives,
* Inclusion as family members for emergency evacuation from posts abroad,
* Subsistence payments related to emergency evacuation from posts abroad,
* Inclusion in calculations of payments of overseas allowances (e.g., payment for quarters, cost of living, and other allowances),
* Representation expenses, and
* Training at the Foreign Service Institute.

The Department also will work with foreign governments to provide same-sex domestic partners, to the extent possible, with diplomatic visas, privileges and immunities, and authorization to work in the local economy."

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