Monday, June 22, 2009

Visiting Mighty Mumbai

We were in Mumbai recently for an Entry Level Officer (ELO) exchange. The State Department provides great training opportunities for new officers; one is the ability to exchange positions with an ELO at a different post. This allows you to see and compare how they do things elsewhere; side benefits includes exploring a new location and seeing the housing.

After our research during A-100, we listed Mumbai lower on our bid list than other cities in India, mainly because of our dog Coco. We believed it would be harder in Mumbai, with the possibility of living in a high-rise apartment and lack of green space. But after the exchange to Mumbai, we see it is no more challenging for large dogs than Kolkata. In Kolkata, you rarely see people walking their dogs. There are too many stray dogs and obstacles in the way. In Mumbai, walking a dog (yellow labrador retievers seem to be most common there) is a frequent sight in the neighborhoods where Consulate employees live.

View from the TDY apartment where we stayed

Interior of the TDY apartment where we stayed

Sicily gauges possible storage opportunities

New highway being built in Mumbai to solve traffic congestion

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