Thursday, April 10, 2008

Politely Avoiding Jessie

Since so much is still unknown, I have not informed my employer of our FSO life and move. We plan on deciding the best date after flag day. (Only two more days!)

The twist in this story is that one of my workmates is married to an FSO. They are leaving early July for Bolivia. Her husband is attending FSI for Spanish language training, so every work day is a potential exposure as I drop off and pick up Alan and Sicily.

Tonight at our Personal Finances and Investments workshop the chance of being exposed is even greater. Luckily, the Overseas Briefing Center that runs the workshops has let us know which classes Jessie is attending. She and her husband will be at tonight's class.

I have a change of clothes so that I will look atypical to how she typically sees me at work. We are also going to arrive early and sit in the back. I may bring a newspaper with me to hide behind. We informed Paul and Amy last night not to yell across the class, "Hi Natalie and Alan!"

Let's hope for the best. Jessie is such a great person, I can not wait to tell her and talk about FSO life.

Did I mentioned there is only two days left before flag day?

Update: Everything went smoothly. Both of our hearts starting racing when Jessie and Bob entered the room, but we went unnoticed. Paul and Amy also did not see us or did not respond as planned.

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