Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Reconnecting with Friends in South East Asia

We have two friends that live in South East Asia, Raj in Bangalore and Kaew in Bangkok.

Alan and I both know Raj through work. I met Raj in 2003 while working on the Nextel intranet project. He then worked with both of us on the Chemonics intranet. Ironically, Raj just in the last two weeks moved to Pennsylvania for a two year stint through his work at Deliotte. He thought I was joking when I informed him of us moving to Kolkata.

Kaew is a friend of mine from graduate school at North Carolina State University. The last time I saw her was on my visit to Thailand in 1997. Bangkok is only a $350, two and a half hour plane ride from Kolkata, so I have a feeling we will be visiting her more than once. She is very excited about our future visits. I am very excited about getting back to see Kaew, the changes to Bangkok and the fantastic Thai beaches with fresh seafood.

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