Monday, May 19, 2008

Moving Coco

One of the more anxious tasks is making arrangements for shipping Coco, our labrador retriever. We are looking forward to:

1. Get all of her immunizations up to date, with rabies no more than one year and no earlier than 30 days from when she lands
2. Get her a microchip
3. Order food and supplies for early delivery in Kolkata
4. Get a crate big enough to fit her
5. Make reservations on Luftansa
6. Get a USDA certified health certificate no more than 10 days in advance of when she lands (certified in Annapolis)
7. Make sure her crate is prepared for the flight
8. Get her to the airport
9. Get her in her crate - the hardest activity of all

We are also exploring having a pet shipper handling 4 through 9, since logistically those items might happen after we leave.


Anonymous said...

Please do keep writing!! I have enjoyed reading your blog as I wait to find out where I will land on the register.
I am very interested to hear about your experiences in moving so far with Coco. I have two myself that go wherever I go.
Thanks again!

Natalie Buda Smith said...


I am happy that you are enjoying the blog. I have another post to write about preparing Coco for the move, and I will definitely write about the other steps along the way.