Monday, May 12, 2008

Trial Toddler Travel

Sicily and I went on a trip to France April 30 to May 7 with Mima (Felicia) and met up with Grandma (Ruth), Grandpa (Dave), Brian and Molly. We spent two days in Paris and the rest in Avingon and Arles.

Alan was unable to go because of training at FSI. Luckily Air France gave us a refund because of his appointment, a rarity now-a-days. Sicily already had her passport and I brought a notarized letter signed by Alan stating that he agreed to Sicily leaving the country with me. I didn't get any questioning even though my last name is different than hers, but it made me realize that I really should change my name since it would make all of our future travel much easier.

Other lessons learned from the trip for our future travel:

1. Don't plan on doing too much with a toddler. It is not like our pre-child days. We typically got out for 2 hour stints. Means a decent hotel room is much appreciated.

2. Sicily more easily adjusted to jet lag traveling West to East - or it was easier for us when she got up later in the morning and went to bed later.

3. Always bring a change of clothes on flights, including shirts for yourself. This is extremely helpful when your toddler decides to vomit a bottle full of liquid one-hour into the flight.

4. Sicily was entertained most by activity books on the flights, although plastic water bottles came in a close second.

5. All of the hotels in France offered Pack-n-Plays for Sicily to sleep in. Our latching high-seat came in handy for dining, although she most often ended up in my lap.

6. The umbrella stroller was a good choice. We were able to bring it on the plane and it was helpful when having to climb stairs.

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