Thursday, July 3, 2008

And Pack Out is Over!

It has been a while since our last post, mainly because of being caught up in the hurricane of moving. We have some good information to share now though, and will over the next few days.

The biggest milestone was getting all of our belongings packed up and out. We had a small house that had too many things in it and a 5'x5' storage closet that was packed to the ceiling.

Big kudos to Pullen Moving Company out of Woodbridge, VA. They did a fantastic job and were very fast. I have read a lot of horror stories on the Yahoo group "livelines", but Pullen did a terrific job.

As suggested, we separated our UAB, HHE and storage into different rooms. This made it easy to walk through the house with the 5 movers and explain what went were. They literally packed up everything that we had not pulled outside the house to save or give to neighbors.

Another good technique that we used was to use garbage bags and Ziploc bags to keep similar things together. I went through all of our junk drawers and dumped all of the contents into a large Ziploc bag. I put similar clothes together in a large garbage bag. This also helped with shuffling items around, since it became hard to move through the house with all the people, boxes and stuff.

The photo is of our last belongings being loaded and sealed into the large wooden create for HHE. More to come...

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