Friday, July 18, 2008

Look No Further for State Department Intrigue

And as IMDB also lists: action, adventure, drama, romance and thrills. It's State Department: File 649, the 1949 movie of a consular officer in Mongolia. Highly recommended by Kolkata's consular section chief and GSO, you find you'll want a copy to cherish forever.

Highlights include a short dramatic version of the oral exam, training at FSI and statements such as "Foreign Service Officers must keep their eyes and ears open at all times." We especially enjoyed how chic all of the Americans looked, no matter the situation.


Anonymous said...

And only $7.98 new on Amazon! Less if you want a used copy.

I just ordered mine. I couldn't resist.

It seems almost everything is coming out on DVD. I even found "Brotherhood of Death" a bad black exploitation film from the 1970's starring a Washington Redskin where I'm a recognizable extra.

Natalie Buda Smith said...

What a bargain! Will be interested in your opinion of the movie. Seems like a cult classic to us.

Make sure you check out the catalog in the DVD, a listing of many other extraordinary films, although probably none as spectacular as "Brotherhood of Death."