Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hotel Living

Although not as glamorous as the photo may seem, we are taking advantage of State's allowance of up to 10 days pre-departure in a hotel. This has been helpful for us in two ways, it helps us prepare our house for renters and serves as a test run for living out of our suitcases for a month or two once we land.

We chose a hotel in D.C. that takes large dogs without charging an extra fee. (Yes, they exist! Topaz Hotel and Sofitel are two that we recommend.) The one we are staying at doesn't have a kitchenette, just a mini-bar fridge and a tasty but reasonable room service menu. There are also several reasonably priced places restaurants within a few blocks.

Some of the disadvantages that may cause others to prefer staying in their home as long as possible: it is impossible to find that one item that is buried somewhere in your collection of suitcases... you know you may have packed that one thing but again it is impossible to find it in one of your collection of suitcases, and both your child and large dog keep going to the door since they know they must be going home soon. Otherwise, the daily room cleaning is fantastic.


Anonymous said...

I've been really enjoying reading your blog, since I just went on the Register so figure I'm about a year behind you in the process. I'm glad to read all your advice for getting through the process.

Have a good trip.

Natalie Buda Smith said...

Thanks Rich and congrats! We found that prior to getting the offer it felt like we were waiting forever, but once you get the offer it is a whirlwind, especially if you leave soon after A-100. - Natalie