Friday, July 18, 2008

What's in the Welcome Kit?

Since this is our first post, I was unsure of what would be in a welcome kit, temporary items offered and used until your UAB and/or HHE arrives. All posts may not offer a welcome kit and may have different items, but here is what was in ours:

6 dinner plates
6 dessert plates
6 cereal/soup bowls
6 cups
6 saucers
6 coffee mugs
2 serving bowls
6 water glasses
4 dinner forks
4 salad forks
4 dinner knives
4 tea spoons
4 table spoons
1 butter knife
1 sugar spoon
1 salt and pepper set
1 one quart pot with lid
1 two quart pot with lid
1 colander
1 skillet
1 tea kettle
1 tea strainer
3 food containers with lids
1 slotted spoon
1 kitchen spoon
1 cooking fork
5 kitchen knives of various shapes and sizes
1 small flower vase
1 hot pot
1 flash light with batteries
1 coffee maker
1 can opener
1 carving board
1 dish drainer
1 pitcher
1 measuring cup
1 peeler
1 carafe
1 serving tray
1 cutlery tray
1 bottle opener
6 table mats
1 iron
1 ironing board
1 toaster
1 ashtray
17 hangers
1 scissor
1 tool set
2 queen bed sheets
1 bed spread
1 blanket
2 kitchen towels
2 pillows
2 pillowcases
2 hand towels
2 bath towels
2 bath mats
2 paper towel rolls
2 toilet paper rolls
2 toilet soap
1 bucket
1 bucket with lid

The TDY apartment we are staying in also has shower curtains for all bathrooms and ice cube trays that are not officially listed in the welcome kit.

I took some well given advice before we left and mailed packages to our Kolkata diplomatic address (4 weeks in advance!) with things that we might have needed. Those items sent of greatest benefit have been: more diapers, dog food and treats, dog toys, more Sicily toys and books, standard medicines like Tynenol, and extra kitchen towels.

Items I wish I sent ahead: good ground coffee, safely packed Dreft laundry detergent, a few extra bath towels and scented candles.

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Ecy said...

Thank you for this! We're headed to post (Kathmandu) in 3 weeks and I couldn't find this list anywhere else!