Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And We Arrive in Kolkata

Alan and Coco's flight from Washington D.C. was delayed causing them to miss the connecting flight, so we had two separate arrivals: Sicily and I on Saturday night, Alan and Coco on Sunday night. Each time, two people met us at the gate entrance right before the immigration control to assist us.

This assistance included getting us quickly through immigration, helping us with baggage, getting us through customs quickly, loading us in the car, driving us to our temporary apartment, carrying our massive bags to our apartment and making us feel very welcome and comfortable in our new home.

Our apartment kitchen was stocked thanks to one of our sponsors - we have a work sponsor and a social sponsor here - with milk, fruit, vegetables, beer, bottled water, butter, ketchup, chips and cookies. Of course, I went straight for the cookies.

It was hard to see much of Kolkata at 11:30pm on the drive from the airport but the contrast of the old of the new is everywhere. In our view from our apartment you can see old, beautiful historic buildings next to contemporary ones, old Ambassador cars next to new Tatas.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you made it.

I just got the call for the September 15th class. I've enjoyed following your blog. I consider it research for the future.

Time to start planning. At least I don't have to move to Washington, I'm already here (although that means I don't get per diem...we ought to at least get money for the commute)

All the best!

Natalie Buda Smith said...

Congratulations and welcome to the Foreign Service!

Now you have to wait it out until September and Flag Day, very hard! The anticipation can really be tough.

Thanks for the kudos. If there is any information that could also be helpful to others that isn't discussed here, please let me know. You go through so much in the beginning that it is hard to capture everything.